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It’s Spring

Hey guess what? We’re finally out from under all the snow YAY! The first winter at our home was sooo snowy! We knew there was going to be a lot more snow compared to new york city but really had no idea what was ahead. People in the area said it was the worst winter for snow they’d seen.

We basically spent most of our time the first few months shoveling cause it snowed every single day 🤣 (that’s what it felt like) and settling into a rhythm of home ownership. Anyways, we’re finally over it! We made it 🙌

It’s Spring!! 🌸 and we’re ready for work. We started cleaning the property. Clearing branches, raking leaves and cutting up fallen trees to dry for next year. It’s exciting to finally be able to see how we want to use the land. Where we want our compost, garden, patio, wood storage, you know, things like that. Things we wouldn’t have if we stayed in Manhattan.

We seem to have it figured out but it may change in a month or two and that’ll be okay. We’re living and learning. We’re doing what we’ve always wanted to do – own a home on land in the country!

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