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Hi I’m Jenn. I’m starting this blog because I know how overwhelming social media can be with all the little snippets of info so I want to slow it down and have this space to share more in depth on the things I’ve learned, am still exploring and some handmade things.

we’re always in the kitchen
or outside #1000hoursoutside

Here are some things about me and what you can expect in this space:

  • I’m a stay at home wife and mama.
  • we’ve been semi low tox and eco conscious for years.
  • I became a first time mom at 40.
  • my passion grew on holistic living and conscious parenting.
  • we lived in a one bedroom apartment in New York City three blocks north of Central Park, so that was like our back yard.
  • we transitioned from city life to country living in December 2020.
  • we live simply in Pennsylvania on 4 acres in a 1900’s Colonial Cottage surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes.
  • our home definitely needs a lot of fixing up but we’re taking it slow. Living in it as it is so we can figure out the best solutions.
  • with our move, my baby becoming a toddler and a loss in the family I was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety which I didn’t know I had.
  • I started using essential oils for home cleaning, emotional and wellness support while discovering what a huge issue greenwashing was.
  • I run a bag making business and am a brand partner of young living part time and of course caring for our home and land and will soon be homeschooling our little boy.
  • we are learning how to tend our land and grow vegetables while slowly fixing up our home.
our home the first day we moved in
our barn

I’m truly so glad you’re here!

We have a lot to figure out with this old house, transitioning to this semi country living, raising our little boy and still trying to be creative. I hope you come back and join us on our adventure. I’ll share things on holistic living, conscious parenting, making things by hand and possible running my small business.

If we’re not hanging out and chatting on instagram yet? I’m @hellojenneng. Come say hi and let’s connect, tell me you’re coming from this blog.