Care & Material Info


I use Martexin Original Wax canvas. Sourced from a 7th generation family owned and operated manufacturer in the US, this 100% cotton canvas has a unique wax formula embedded into it’s fibers and applied to the surface. It’s solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Waxed canvas creates natural color shifts when creased or used. These characteristics make each bag unique and one of a kind. The stiffness and rigidity will lessen over time and use. It is naturally water repellent yet breathable. As the fabric ages, it will develop a well-worn and comfortable patina, the same way that leather ages and burnishes with time.


Just as you would with any leather good – Do not dry clean, machine wash/dry your waxed canvas! Use cold tap water to gently surface clean with yours hands, a sponge, or a scrub brush. Do not use detergent – it will break down the wax and you will loose that water-resistant coating! If the canvas is really soiled use bar, flaked or saddle soap (not liquid/powder detergent). Do this only if necessary and on specific areas only.

Use it well! Proper care of your bags will ensure their long life.