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5 Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

What are 5 easy swaps for a low tox home? Navigating the world of natural living doesn’t have to be hard. There are many simple changes or swaps you can slowly make along the way. There are definitely huge health benefits by doing these five and you can start slow so it’s sustainable.

Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

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There are so many synthetic chemicals in our environment. It’s hard to remove everything so by being conscious about what you use in your home and on your body, you can improve your mind, body and planet.

Are you ready to make some easy swaps for a low tox home? Here’s are a few easy ones!

5 Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

Swap Plastic for Glass and Stainless Steel

Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

Plastics contain BPA and phthalates which are endocrine disruptors – chemicals that can enter the body through food and personal care products and interfere with hormones our body produces. Keep in mind that BPA-free products still leach chemicals having significant levels of estrogenic activity. (Environmental Health) If you have to use plastic, don’t heat it or let it touch your food.

What I use: glass food containers, oven safe containers, water bottles and mixing bowls

Swap Non Stick for Cast Iron and Stainless Steel

Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

The coating on nonstick cookware releases toxic chemicals into the air and food. They’re called PFAS “forever chemicals” and they’ve been linked to cancer, liver damage, infertility, asthma and thyroid issues. We only use cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans. Some other good options are ceramic and glass. Be careful of other accessories like deep fryers, baking sheets, rice cookers, and crockpots because they could also have that same nonstick coating.

What I use: stainless steel pot, pan set and cast iron pan

Swap Dryer Sheets for Dryer Balls

Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home
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This one is a very easy swap and it saves you money. Commercial dryer sheets contain quaternary ammonium which make clothes feel soft but are known to trigger asthma and may be toxic to the reproductive system, as well as fragrance, preservatives, and colorants. (EWG) Plus what are they made of? I also know they’re not 100% natural like cotton or linen, so that means you’re also adding synthetic material into your hot dryer as well.

You can use wool dryer balls on their own or add essential oils if you’d like a nice added scent that’s natural plus they help aerate the clothing while it’s turning in the dryer.

What I use: wool dryer balls and essential oils (lemongrass and purification)

Swap Commercial Cleaning Supplies for Thieves Household Cleaner

Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

Most commercial cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals. Those that claim to be green, eco friendly or natural are greenwashed. If you look at the ingredients list you’ll most likely see fragrance or parfum. Common fragranced products emitted hazardous air pollutants and can trigger adverse health effects like skin issues, migraine headaches and respiratory difficulties. (National Library of Medicine)

I found the perfect solution which is an all natural plant based cleaner. It’s so concentrated that I only use a capful along with a few simple ingredients to make my own specific cleaners. I have a lot of DIY’s with this cleaner that I’ll write about soon.

What I use: glass spray bottle, thieves household cleaner, baking soda, and lemon essential oil

Swap Candles for Diffusing Essential Oils

Easy Swaps For A Low Tox Home

If you like to make your home smell good with scented candles you should know that they may use synthetic fragrances and dyes that give off dangerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and carcinogens. Over all they have a negative impact on your home’s indoor air quality. Some severe health issues caused by soot particles: allergies, asthma, respiratory infections, heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. (National Library of Medicine)

What I use: aria diffuser, and essential oils (citrus fresh, sacred mountain, and gentle baby)

There you have it! Just a few easy swaps for a low tox home. Remember you don’t have to swap everything all at once. That will be overwhelming and unmanageable.

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